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Know Your Fabric

In Thailand, the local weft ikat type of woven cloth is known as Matmi (also spelled ‘Mudmee’ or ‘Mudmi’). Traditional Mudmee cloth was woven for daily use among the nobility. Other uses included ceremonial costumes. Warp ikat in cotton is also produced by the Karen and Lawa tribal peoples in northern Thailand.


Indian handloom

The element of art and craft present in Indian handlooms makes it…

Origin of Mudmee, Its Rich Culture

The word “Mudmee” is often translated to mean “tie-dyed” or “tied threads” and…

Initial Steps of Making the Fabric

Importance of the tie dying method:
The ties prevent…

Dyeing of the Cloth and Patterns

The central area of the cloth where the pattern lied is called “Thongpha”, which is connected…

Trade of the Cloth

Thailand’s textile industry is a major non-western entity that constitutes more…

People who weave Mudmee

Most of the production of mudmee in Thailand is from Northeastern Thailand. Since…

Places/Markets famous for Mudmee production in Thailand and around the world.

Mudmee is hand woven Thai silk that mostly is produced in Thailand’s northeastern region that is made…

More about Mudmee

Watch this video made by our team to learn more about Mudmee.


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