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Origin of Mudmee and its rich culture


The word “mudmee” is often translated to mean “tie-dyed” or “tied threads” and its origin comes from Isaan, which is Northeast Thailand. Isaan is where mudmee weaving was first developed and practiced in Thailand. Ancient mudmee fabrics used natural dyes to create their colorful patterns .The problem with natural dyes is that you can’t wash or clean the mudmee without severely washing away the color, and therefore ruining your exquisite fabric.

Mudmee fabrics are the oldest recognised patterned textiles throughout the world. They have been around for thousands of years, though scholars are not sure exactly when it originated due to the shorter lifespan of textiles. The majority of historic information has come from long-lasting weaving equipment found at various sites. Traces of silk have been found dating back to 500 B.C. from Isaan’s Ban Na Dee site.

Traditionally in Thailand the nobility wore mudmee on a daily basis, whilst others wore it during festive occasions or ceremonies. Nowadays mudmee is worn more casually, though the complexity of the weaving makes it stand out from the majority of casualwear.

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