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Statistics of Trade of Mudmee

Thailand’s textile industry is a major non-western entity that constitutes more than 2,000 garment companies and an almost equal number of textile firms, most of which are located around Bangkok and eastern Thailand. The textile and apparel industry of the country plays a key role in the country’s GDP and export revenue.

It is a world-renowned silk producer, which also manufactures spin or twist yarn. It is also excelling in the latest trend of eco-friendly finishing, dyeing, and printing services, which meet global standards, although it has to deal with some issues.

Currently, the garment industry supports more than 1 million employees, while the textile industry employs about 200,000 people, making these two industries the second most important employment sector in the country.

Thailand focuses on the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom to export most of its garments. It is also focusing on the Russian market. The garment industry is expanding its footprint globally, while the government is aiming to become more involved with the industry by providing export credits and the development of vocational training and bring in modern technology into the industrial processes of weaving, finishing, printing, knitting, and dying. Presently, the focus is on modernizing technology for greater efficiency, as well as improving the skills of people working in the sector and increasing the competence of businesses.

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